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Artist solo exhibition
The images of Lydia Luisa Patafta (* 1974) oscillate on the threshold between extravagant provocation and intimate confession. She presents her world in a multifaceted way that consists of a conflict between the fantastic and the naturalistic. As if childhood memories contaminated with obscure dreams were staged under a flash of neon lighting. The controversy of these representations is based less on their expressive language than on the content levels in which bizarre encounters take place. Here, no surreal objects collide in incomprehensible places, but disturbingly concrete personifications of the social decadence of the 21st century. The picture narration by Lydia Patafta places a plain bourgeois scene programmatically in a questionable context. Comparable would be a midnight concert of a string quartet in the red light district. But what such subjects can do well is to question their own hypocritical self-assessment and think about the lived missteps.

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