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Emoke Vargova (*1965) is a Slovak visual artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (1984-1991) at the Department of Painting, focusing on monumental painting, where she began with teachers such as Eugenia Lehotska and Rudolf Fila. She graduated from university in 1991, followed by a short break and achievement of scholarships abroad. She remains most grateful to professor Rudolf Fila, who trusted her after the revolution and helped her get out of the cramp into releasing. In 1992, thanks to support and guidance of professor Fila, she won the prestigious Martin Benka Award and this was followed by other successes. She won the competition “Young Slovak Artist of the Year - Tonal 1999” and was the finalist of “Young Slovak Artist of the Year 1998”.  In 1997, she became an assistant professor of drawing at the Department of Painting and Other Media, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava where she remains active to this day. While working at the university, she was allowed to take part in several internships abroad. The most significant were spent in Zurich, Switzerland in 1995, where Emoke returned for more than three years, and in 1999 in the USA, where her internship lasted three months. Most recently, Emoke has also been exhibiting her artworks throughout Slovakia, Prague with planned solo exhibition in Vienna in 2022.

Emoke’s life motto is to: "Surround yourself and be with the people who you love, to be happy and to handle completely ordinary things with ease."

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