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Artist group exhibition

Presented artists:

András Cséfalvay I Žofia Dubová I Dominik Hlinka I Marek Kvetan I Jaroslav Kyša I Štefan Papčo I Dorota Sadovská I Jaroslav Varga

Concept: Ivan Gerát and Marian Zervan

The exhibition External and Operative Memory in Art is the second presentation of the winners of the NOVUM Foundation. It also follows up on the event last year when the topic of algorithms in art was dealt with on the threshold between the analog and the digital. The authors of the concept (Prof. Ivan Gerát and Prof. Marian Zervan) want to systematically research current problems in visual communication, both on the interdisciplinary and on the transmedia level. For this reason, the title of this exhibition can be explained literally but also metaphorically. Various technologies of evolving storage media and the philosophy of human memory, causalities between remembering and forgetting, polarities between the exact and the manipulated, the short-term and the long-term, are described in the works of András Cséfalvay, Žofia Dubová, Dominik Hlinka, Marek Kvetan, Jaroslav Kyša, Štefan Papčo, Dorota Sadovská and Jaro Varga worked up in an imaginative and inspiring way. For the first time, the program of this series of events by the NOVUM Foundation will also be shown in Vienna in order to present the works of these exceptional artists from the Slovak art scene to the Austrian public as part of a special themed exhibition.

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