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Artist solo exhibition

Jakub Špaňhel’s works are characterized by two characteristics: first, a painterly gesture in the expressive interior views of his churches (one of which is in the collection of the Czech National Gallery in Prague), baroque chandeliers and female nudes. Secondly, through a technique in which he creates a grid of minimalist patterns with a painting roller. In both cases, Špaňhel is very disciplined and systematically pursues his artistic program. The exhibition "Aesthetics of Repetition" focuses on the visual qualities of the, at first glance, extremely limited expression of a mechanically repeating motif. In contrast to a pop-like multiplication of the template, Špaňhelb records the process of a painting act in which the repetition of the motif is carried out until the paper painter's roll is physically destroyed. The process of wear evokes an almost cinematic dynamic on the surface of the picture, but only with one sequence. The viewer's gaze follows a static close-up of a strongly reduced object contour until he realizes that it is not an abstract composition, but rather familiar forms and motifs from art history that are repeated over and over again - ciphers in Špaňhel's expressive grids. 

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