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“From the beginning of her painting career, the author mainly concentrates of the relationship between her own personal experiences that are immaterial, lack dimension, colour and shape, and between the possibilities to capture them, visually process them, and let them stand in a new formative structure of the painting. It is a process of “materialisation” in painting. That is where a number of motives referring to emotional states of experience and different situations causing these emotions in a responsive consciousness originate. If we were to generalise this claim, Jana Farmanová concentrates on the one essential theme for her – the internal transformation of a being depending on the live reality, which shapes some kind of journey of fate through looking back.

In this direction, the artist is always close to herself. A spontaneous, rough and mysterious flow of events goes through him. She is the sensitive filter that selects and separates the substantial from the secondary, if he does not want to be forever swallowed by everything that comes and lost in a phenomenal chaos, vastness – and formlessness. That is why Jana Farmanová methodically bases her work on an attempt to reach a consistent self-reflection, and on the other hand, mémoire involontaire.  She filters, sorts, and separates the area of the experience through her consciousness, and at the same time, she gets lost and inspired by automatic impulses of the freely flowing memories. She works with those motives from which she has sufficient distance, and so they appear in some more concrete features or “figures”, which is given by the process of steadying in time. But some unfitting “taste” or “smell” of time slips into her works. She tries to formulate the moments and split seconds that somehow influenced her and shifted her perception, but she avoids “shocks” from these breaking points. It is not possible to proceed in any other way than with deduction, introspection and a certain amount of intuition.” 


Petr Vaňous , The search for figuration ,from monography Jana Farmanova Slovart 2012

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