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Artist solo Ján Vasilko (* 1979) The work of this young artist shook the Slovak art scene after the turn of the millennium to an unprecedented extent. A special confirmation of the quality of art production even outside of the capital city's cultural centralism, he succeeded in his senior year of the art faculty at the Technical University in Košice in 2005. In the same year Ján Vasilko won the most important artist award in Slovakia (Cena O. Čepána) and that despite the format that is strongly focused on conceptual art. This fact proves two theses for the time being, firstly that we are dealing with an exceptional artist and secondly that his industrial-constructivist style in the medium of an image hides much more than just an effective phenomenon of geometric-abstract aesthetics. It is a unique opportunity to deal with this extraordinary painterly work in the Bellart Gallery. With this exhibition, we are consistently continuing our vision of only presenting high-quality contemporary art.


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